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How We Make Our Wallets More Sustainable?

What Is A Sustainable Product?

To understand the concept of a sustainable product, we need to first understand the word sustainable. Sustainability can be defined as the capability of maintaining the outcome of anything. But in terms of the environment, it may be defined as avoiding the shortage of natural resources that is necessary for maintaining the ecological balance.

The sustainable manufacturing of a product means creating a product without directly harming the environment during such a procedure. Sustainable products are produced by the use of renewable resources, which means they will use less energy or perfectly utilize the materials.

The Three Ways We Make It More Sustainable:-

Sustainability has become a trend of the 21st Century. Various companies are now serious about making more sustainable products considering the safety of the environment and its people. We, at little astronaut have had sustainability in the core foundation of the brand. Ever since the inception, we have focused on making cleaner products that help ease your life!

Here is how we do it:

1. Selecting The Right Materials:

With sustainability in our core, right from the moment designing a product, we find the best possible material not with the aspect of making bigger profits but with the idea of meeting the perfect balance between sustainability and durability. The leather we use in our Premium Bi-Fold wallet is tested to be free of toxic chemicals that are generally present in leather. These chemicals are extremely bad not just for the environment but also for the human touch.

We choose leather over PU, Cork or plant based leather (which generally have plastics) because leather is something that can last many years. A leather wallet, if made and used properly can easily last over 5-6 years while PU or Cork wallets would not age well.

2. Clean Production Methods:

Once we have the ideal material comes the process of production. The process of molding various materials and parts by a very skilled craftsman into beautiful leather wallets. But this process if not put to check can be very wasteful. For starters, the entire production floor has LED low consumption lighting, energy efficient appliances and segregated bins.

Materials such as leather and inner lining are carefully shaped to maximize the use of it and minimize the waste. Toxic adhesives and other production aids that can be harmful to the environment are forbidden on the production floor.

The production floor is also ventilated to ensure clear fresh air always circulates.

3. Packaging:

Right materials and clean production leaves one step to be taken care of. Packaging. Firstly, our wallets are placed into Markin Cloth pouches that are produced locally by the traditional handloom industry of West Bengal. This also lets us support the legendary handloom industry in a small way. Then the wallet is placed in a biodegradable box along with a seed card. We introduced seed cards as an initiative to cancel out the carbon footprint caused when transporting our wallet from us to you. The seed card has italian basil seed in it, simply plant the card in soil, water adequately and you will be rewarded with your very own grown italian basil.

Is that all?

This is just the top 3 in an ever growing list. One can never be enough to keep the planet clean. Stick around and we will present newer cleaner methods too. If you have suggestions for us, do write to us and we will surely reply back!

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