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little astronaut wallet sketch

our story

in a world full of humans, we wanted to be a little astronaut. we wanted to venture a bit beyond the normal, exceed the horizons and a bit beyond that too.

we started off with this simple idea which in turn helped shape us into what you love today!

as a brand, we focus a lot on our designs, practicality and choice of materials. 

we strive to achieve the perfect balance between sustainability and durability. 

which is also why we test our products alot (over 3000 hours for some) before releasing them.

we strive to provide not just products that will last years but a brand communication that 

makes us the benchmark for best customer service.

this is our story for now but you can help us add pages to it!

get your little astronaut product today! 

our mission

To create and present to the world a range of unique products like never before made in a clean and green manner.

our dream vision

To become a landmark company for the best customer service, best products at attainable prices!

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