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Everything you need to know about RFID wallets by little astronaut

In the year 2018, there were about 440 million people in the world who were using contactless card transaction on a regular basis and in just a year, that number grew to 760 million people.

The ease of paying for products at the counter by just tapping the card was like never before. This made payment checkouts not only faster but also led to a rise in the frequency of use per cardholder. In short, people were purchasing more due to the convenience

Well, just like Alfred from Dark Knight says “One man’s tool is another man's weapon”

The machine-readable cards were also readable by devices that some clever thieves had developed. This caused a concerning rise in theft of money and data which was being done wirelessly and remotely. The contactless cards were already adopted by almost a billion people so removing this from the market was next to impossible.

So a quick and efficient solution for this came in the form of making the existing wallets more secure. But how do we do that?

At little astronaut, we started to bond the leather used in our products with a special alloy that blocks out certain radio frequencies. This invisible barrier prevented any sneaky devices from stealing data or information off your contactless card.

Click here to watch how RFID SAFE little astronaut wallets protect your data when compared to a regular wallet.

You can try this out yourself! Just trying paying by using your contactless card while stored safe and secure in our wallet and the machine the register would not be able to read it!

All little astronaut wallets are RFID SAFE, so you can be rest assured that your data and money is as safe as it gets! Get yours today!

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