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from an idea to your pocket

inception of an idea

conscious materials

the idea of replacing traditional wallets without making compromises.

identifying the right materials for you and the environment.

the idea meets form

testing the creations

empowered idea takes form of a brilliant form
to fit
your lifestyle.

4300 hours of testing ensures perfect design and experience.

we did it for you

feeling kinda sustainable

being sustainable is a core idea of little astronaut

and here is how are we making our products more sustainable! 

selecting right materials that ensures a perfect balance 

between durability and low carbon footprint.

we use certified leather that has been tested

to be safe to human touch as well as our environment.  

optimising manufacturing to ensure cleanest method 

of production.

from october 2022, we started shipping our products

with plant-able seed cards that grows into 

italian basil plant.

we reuse and upcycle a lot of packaging materials

to reduce consumption of plastics.

we are planning to introduce a line of products 

made out of cork which is a very sustainable material. 

cork products are currently under testing!

why the name little astronaut?


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